Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With times changing rapidly and old technologies fading away electricity within our homes are changing. Many people are running to the new innovation of all electric vehicles and buying these beautiful cars and trucks but finding themselves stuck because of the necessity of charging these cars. Older homes with older electrical equipment are not capable of handling the load requirements on charging all electric vehicles. Unless of course you have already have taken the responsibility of upgrading you can find yourself spending even more out of pocket because of being in a rush to upgrade and not taking the time to research and consult a local electrician on your what is needed. There are many charging capabilities from charging 120 volt to 220 volt with only 15 amps top all the way to 50 amps or even higher. Of course the the higher the amp rating the faster the vehicle charges. Some people buy these vehicles and only use the 15 amp rating and become disappointed on long it takes the car to charge. Even using this small amp rating can cause a overload on an existing circuit causing the circuit breaker to shut off to even causing issues on interior wiring and connections. It’s always best to install a dedicated line from the panel to the charging station. With all the electrical appliances within the home from electrical stoves, air conditioning, electric water heaters and pool equipment. It’s important to have a load calculation performed on your home first before deciding on the vehicle that is best for you and its charging capabilities needed. While purchasing a permit many cities will have a electrician perform a load calculation first before deciding on the amp rating needed to accommodate all these electrical needs. Also take in consideration where you want the charging station and how far that is from the main electrical panel. The further away the charging station is from the source the more expensive the installation will become. You can also install the charging station on a sub electrical panel that could be closer to where you want the charging station. But the sub electrical panel also needs to be able to handle the load requirements. There are many more considerations to take into account but for the most part the best thing to do before purchasing these all electric vehicles is to consult with a local electrician. Electrician Services Corp Air Conditioning Services has the experience in installation on Home main electrical panel upgrades and electric vehicle charging stations.